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The 'I-tell-Ian' Coffee Co.



Caffé Nerd Group was founded in 2003 and is currently the smallest independent coffee retailer in the world, with less than 2 Caffé Nerd stores.

Our aim is to provide a unique style coffee house for the metropolitan Entreprenerd. We offer no-frills instant coffee, blended with high tech computer hardware for the ultimate pleasure experience. We offer the ideal environment for Nerds and Geeks who wish to be alongside similar like-minded individuals.

Over the weeks we are proud to have won many prizes for the quality of our instant coffee sachets (acquired from some of the finest hotels and guesthouses worldwide!) some may be quite old, but have amazingly kept a little of their flavour whilst still maintaining their original bitterness.

The Billing Bugle a local Newspaper in Northamptonshire, England, said; "Probably one of the best instant coffees this side of Millwall".

The Daily Telegraph, one of the UK daily nationals will possibly be contacted in the future to comment on our “brilliant beverages all served within an instant: deeelicious!”

.The San Francisco Telegraph and Argus. “An incredible experience - beyond belief!”

The New York Times has not yet commented on our “First Class Service and unique surroundings”

Please enjoy viewing our website and we look forward to welcoming you to Caffé Nerd, hopefully soon, we will keep the kettle luke warm for your arrivalàwe donÆt burn your mouths like a large Scottish franchises we could mention!

Reg Denke, Chairman. Ken Greed, President. Den Keger, Director.

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